One Punch Man

One Punch Man?

One Punch Man is a awesome anime that you could currently watch on Netflix! It is about this overpowered guy named Saitama, who can kill anything in one punch. He’s underrated in that world though… But he still tries to become a hero, but doesn’t want to be famous. He gets an apprentice, Genos, who follows him to become stronger.


Saitama has a bunch of funny faces XD he has his serious face and his
“I don’t care” face.

saitama faces one punch man



Don’t read unless you’ve read the mangas! It’s not in One Punch Man season 1

King is the luckiest guy in the world! he does literally nothing and gets waaay too much fame (opposite of Saitama) and lives his life playing games and walking around the town getting even more fame. He looks so scary too though!

King onepunchman.png

One punch man theme song!


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