This is a website about the anime i watched and what I think is great! I will add posts about the anime I watched and try not to give spoilers 🙂 I LOVE anime, and my first anime I watched was… I think one piece, dragon ball, or pokemon. I also like computer programming and soccer.

Most of the anime I watch are either on Netflix or Crunchy roll (if I have time). I like Netflix because it has Hunter X Hunter and One Punch Man! I’m also watching Durarara right now on Netflix! I like games too, and I play super smash bros, battle cats, and plants vs zombies 1. I have a 3DS and a DS. I’m not really into pokemon games though…

My top three favorite anime are (not in order):

  1. Attack on Titan
  2. Hunter x Hunter
  3. One Punch Man

anime.pngI might write opinions nobody cares about, but I’ll do it anyways. Have fun looking through my website! I also like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, but does that count as anime? Who cares! They are still very great shows! So is Doctor Who 🙂

FYI my opinions are 100% opinions, so don’t be like NOOOO if I say something that you don’t approve. Also, some things I write isn’t accurate (I don’t look in too much into specific animes, but I know most of the things).

This was created as an assignment in West Los Angeles College.


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